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In-person worship, virtual worship & the church building

We're doing worship every Sunday via Zoom!   We want you to join us, we really, really do, but we don't want to be zoombombed (yes, it is a thing).  So, if you want to join in please email and we'll make sure you get the information.

Zoom church services start at 9:45am to get everyone ready and then worship starts at 10:00am.  It typically lasts about an hour.  We are doing virtual communion during the service, so if you want to join us for that, please have some bread and juice handy.  If you like, Pastor Robert can deliver communion wafers and juice to you at home.  Please contact him at

The church building will be closed to groups, and we ask that you do not visit the church unless you absolutely have to.  The church office is also operating on a more limited function, as it is being operated from various people's homes.  If you are looking to get in touch with the church office, it is best to email  Please don't call - someone is not in the building to get messages.

We have made these decisions not out of fear, but out of love for our friends and families.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Pastor Robert Abner at if you need anything.

Virtual Church & Devotions

Posted 6/2/2020

Posted 5/31/2020

Posted 5/28/2020

There's more!  Check out Pastor Robert's Youtube channel!


Note about Sermon Recordings - we are aware that these don't seem to be playing on all browsers,and we're sorry!  We're working on solving that problem, but in the meantime, if there is a sermon you want to hear, please email and we can send you the .mp3 file.   Thank you for your patience!

Sunday Sermons

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Sermon 3/8/2020

It's lesson Sunday - and today we are talking about the most famous verse in the whole New Testament - John 3:16.


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