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Sermon, 4th week of Easter

Today is lesson Sunday!  The Gospel for today was on John, but Pastor Robert decided to preach on Revelation 7:9-17.

5/5/2019, John 21:1-19

3 times Peter denied Jesus.

3 times Peter said he loved him.

It's still technically Easter!

Doubting Thomas gets a bad rap.

Easter! Luke 24:1-12

Why do you look for the living among the dead?

Sermon, Luke 6:27-38

Sermon, Luke on 2-17-2019

Sermon, Luke 4:13-21

The Gospel is today is Luke 4:21-30, but the Sermon mainly is on 1 Corninithins 13: 1-13.

Sermon, Luke 2:41-52

What does it mean to be Christmas people?

Sermon, 3rd week of Advent 2018

You brood of vipers!

Sermon, 3rd week of Advent 2018

You brood of vipers!

Sermon, Christ the King

Why is Christ the King Sunday a holiday?  Find out!

Sermon, Mark 11:38-44

Today is the 100th Anniverary of the end of WWI.  At the beginning of the sermon, we pause at 11:00am to ring the Bells of Peace 11 times in memory.

And then it is Second Sunday - or Study Sunday!  Explore the sermon along with us!

Reformation Sunday 10/28/2018

Is Reformation Sunday a celebration or an observation?  Either way, it isn't static.

Sermon, Mark 10:17-31

Today is lesson Sunday!  Learn along with us!

Sermon, John 51-59

I admit I don't have the bulletin in front of me, so the verses in John might not be quite right, but it is from his series of bread in John 6.

Sermon, JOhn 6:56-69

The gospel was, once again, about bread, but Pastor Robert preached on the New Testament reading on "the armour of God."

Sermon, John 6:35 and 41-51

Study Sunday!  Follow along with us as we have a group Bible Study about what this week's lesson means.

Sermon, Matthew 5:1-12

It is all Saint's Day.  And as Pastor Bill reads the Gospel, remember that:

1) We are all Saints.

2) Every Saint has a past.

3) Every sinner has a future.

Sermon, Matthew 22: 15-22

This picks up a bit into the sermon. Sorry!

Sermon, Matthew 22:1-14

This is a bit cut-off in the Gospel reading.  Sorry!

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