Sunday Sermons

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Sermon, Matthew 5:1-12

It is all Saint's Day.  And as Pastor Bill reads the Gospel, remember that:

1) We are all Saints.

2) Every Saint has a past.

3) Every sinner has a future.

Sermon, Matthew 22: 15-22

This picks up a bit into the sermon. Sorry!

Sermon, Matthew 22:1-14

This is a bit cut-off in the Gospel reading.  Sorry!

Sermon, Matthew 21:33-46

Sermon, Matthew 21:23-32

Whose authority?  God's.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

God's mercy isn't earned.  It isn't.  Heaven isn't what we think of fair.  And that's good.  It means that God's love is all encompassing.  That can be hard for us to deal with.

The 15th Sunday after Pentecost, September 17, 2017
The difference between heaven and hell is that in heaven, forgiveness is accepted, and in hell, forgiveness is rejected.

Sermon, Matthew 16:13-20

Are you hearing the question that Jesus is asking?

Sermon, Matthew 14:22-33

God is not absent, but makes Himself known to us, in the midst of life's storms.


Sermon, Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus said to them," They need not go away; YOU give them something to eat."

Sermon, Matthew 13:31-33 and 44-52

The Kindgom of Heaven isn't in the future; it is now.

Sermon, Matthew 13: 24-30 and 36-43

Jesus is bascially asking us, "what's in your spirtual wallet?"

Sermon, Matthew 11:16-19 and 25-30

Jesus sounds a bit fustrated in this gospel reading - why aren't people listening?  Squabbling gets us no where.

Sermon, Matthew 10:40-42

What does welcome mean?  Also, what does enjoying a good sermon mean?  - Taking action.

Sermon, Matthew 10:24-39

You have a gift.  Use it.

Semon, Matthew 9;35-10:8

What does being a treasured belonging of God mean? 

Happy Father's Day!

Penecost 2017

The Spirit transforms.  We shouldn't be afraid of that.

Sixth Sunday of Easter

God lives in us - our cause for hope and faith.

Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 14, 2017

Where are you going?  To God's!!!

Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 7, 2017

The idea of people as sheep is meant to inspire community living.

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