Is Child care avialable?

Yes, Child care during service is provided year-round and free of charge and is open to any children who attend service.

How does it work?

Child care does not begin at the beginning of service.  Children are expected to be present for the first part of the liturgy and to take part in the Children's sermon (of course if they are too shy to come up for the Children's sermon, that's fine too!).  After the Children's sermon, children can stay in service with their families, or go back to the the play room.

The play room, or nursery, is located at the end of the hall, which is on the opposite side of the church from the sactuary.

Child care ends during the Passing of the Peace, allowing the children to be present for Communion and the end of service.

My child can be loud sometimes.  Is that ok?

Please know that as a congregation we understand that children can sometimes be a bit disruptive and we are more than ok with that!

What options are avialable?

For the beginning and end of service, and for those children who choose to stay for the entire service, there are cloth activity bags available in the back of the sanctuary.  These bags have small toys, books and coloring pages. Children are more than welcome to bring any coloring supplies or (quiet) toys of their own to play with during service.