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LCC Newsletter
Kids Ministry
We are in full VBS planning right now for the children’s ministry at CoH. The dates for
that are July 26-27, which will be at CoH. We are going to do VBS a little differently this
year. We will have intergenerational VBS-focused worship for all ages on Friday. Then,
on Saturday, the adults who aren’t helping with VBS will do a service project while the
kiddos have fun at VBS. I am really looking forward to this, and I hope all of you reading
this can join us by helping with VBS or the service project.
765 Student Ministries
As for 765 Student Ministries, we finished the year strong. The last series we did was
called “Table of Context,” which was a series on putting the Bible into the context in
which it was written. Based on our conversations, the students got a lot out of it. I have
also had the privilege of attending a bunch of grad parties. It is such a blessing to be
able to celebrate with these students and to be able to encourage them as they step
into the unknown of work or college. On top of that, I look forward to our Lake Day, Mini
Golf Outing, and Kings Island. We are also in a series we do every summer called “God
in the Movies.” This is where we watch a movie and then talk about how we see what
God teaches us in those movies. Last Sunday, we watched “The Princess Bride.” We
had a great discussion about the movie and how we saw God in it. Please pray for all
our students as they travel and do everything they do in the summer.