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Project Stepping Stone is a ministry supported by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,
Lutheran Church of the Cross, and First Presbyterian Church. We own three houses
that operate as long-term shelters for families in need.
This is a vital service in Muncie - we are one of only two shelters that keep full
families together no matter what their composition. For example, we are currently
housing a family of four consisting of a mom, her two adult children, and a younger
daughter. Without PSS, this family would have to split up with the mother and
daughter staying together and the two sons going to a different shelter. However, at
PSS the mother can continue to work the night shift while the others watch the
younger daughter.
Our other two houses are filled with two new families to Muncie, both from
Afghanistan, through an arrangement with the Refugee Alliance of Delaware County.
These families will be living with us until July 2024.
Funds raised during our 2023 Annual Campaign will allow us to provide housing for
these families. Because we don’t charge families rent or the cost of utilities, funds
donated will pay for those costs, as well as maintenance work and upkeep of the
The annual campaign letter will be in your mailbox soon. Donations can be made by
giving online at, by sending a
check made out to Project Stepping Stone to 900 W. White River Blvd. Muncie, IN
47303, or by placing a check in the offering plate.
Thank you, everyone, for your support.