LCC encourages groups to use our space, whether it be for community meetings or birthday parties.  We do not charge a set fee for use; instead we rely on what the user feels is an appropriate donation. A deposit of $50.00 however is required.  This deposit will be returned if the space is left in good condition.

Renting the space gives you access to all public parts of the church. 

To inquire about renting the space, please email the church office at during office hours of M/W/F 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

By renting the space, you will need to sign a contract agreeing to the following:

1. Use is for the date, time, location and facilities stated above. Lutheran Church of the Cross has approximately  8  6’ tables and 50 folding chairs for your use.

2. Church meetings shall take precedence over all other meetings.

3. Permission for use of the building may be withdrawn upon notice to the group involved.

4. No smoking, drugs, or alcoholic beverages permitted in the building.

5. Request should be made two weeks in advance, when possible.

6. All setup is the responsibility of the organization/person using the building. All facilities should be returned to the condition in which there were found, including any equipment used.

7. The organization agrees to pay a $50.00 deposit to cover incidental expenses.  The $50 deposit will be returned if no expenses are incurred by the church.  Make check out to Lutheran Church of the Cross.

8. The organization agrees to pay for additional expenses incurred for replacement or repair of damaged items and special setup or cleaning.  

9. Lutheran Church of the Cross is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles of group participants and is not liable for personal injuries or damages to group participants or property.